Imagine How It Would Feel To Walk Into Any Store Across The Country and See Your Product on Retail Shelves…. 

Welcome to Shelf Smarts, How to Get Your Product to the Shelf... And Keep it There!

"Nowhere is it clearly defined how to begin the process to get from A to Z. They clearly lay that out!” - Linsey, SheetBNeat

"It has saved us tons of time & money. A must for anyone selling consumer packaged goods!" - JavaZen Team

“Recently employed Michael & Bonnie’s suggestion that I take sales & distribution into my own hands and am having very positive results.” – Tony Barney, Amtac Suppressors  

"This course helped us expand from a small brand into a national brand" - Rebel Coast Team

"This course demystifies the channels of distribution. It outlines solid business practices for building successful relationships at every level of the distribution chain. Implementing the strategies presented have helped us build stronger relationships resulting in massive sales increases!" - George Hoff, Stone Pillar Winery


Michael & Bonnie have sold to hundreds of retail stores including:

In Lesson 1, Just Sell It! How to Sell Your Better Mouse Trap, You Will Learn...

  • The advantages of the shelf over e-commerce 
  • The 3 biggest myths and the required realities 
  • The 4 steps to get your product on the shelf 
  • The 7 store visit street smarts and what to watch for 
  • The 7 steps to a successful in-store demo 
  • The 7 levels of distribution and what each one wants
  • How to discover your goals for acquisition 
  • And much more!

Here's what product producers & inventors are saying:

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Purchase the course and get a FREE signed copy of our New York Times Bestselling book, The Barefoot Spirit. It's a business adventure story that details how Barefoot Wine began and grew into a thriving business. It's the perfect addition to the course which will teach you the actionable methods behind our growth.

“This is a warm, wonderful, inspiring book that entertains and motivates at the same time.”

Brian Tracy – Author, The Power of Self-Confidence

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Show Your Investors You are Knowledgeable of Retail And Distribution


How long is Lesson 1, How to Sell Your Better Mouse Trap?

Lesson 1 Contains a 1-hour, in-depth, video lesson, to which you’ll have lifetime access.  

I already have my product in a few stores. Is this all beginner material?

If you’re already in stores, that’s great! This course not only teaches you how to jumpstart your business from the beginning, but also how to ELEVATE your brand. We’ll teach you how to take your current brand to the next level. It'll also help you avoid costly mistakes as you continue to grow. 

I have X [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT HERE] product. Will your course help me with THAT too?

Yes, our course is designed to teach you how to take ANY physical commercial product, brand it, and get in stores.

As a student, will I get access to any new content you add to the course later?

Yes, as a Lifetime Member, you’ll have access to any new content we update the course with later.

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