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The Barefoot Spirit - Audio Theatre Book 

New York Times Bestseller!

Learn Valuable Lessons While Actors Play the Parts in the Entertaining & True Story of Barefoot Wine

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Are you thinking about starting a new business?  

Have you already started one?  

Maybe you are growing your business and expanding to the next level. 

Regardless of the stage you are in (or even if you are still afraid to put your toe in the water), Michael and Bonnie’s story of hardship, hustle and heart, will inspire you to work through your fears, follow your passions and build a business that is not only successful, but sustainable.  

The problem with being an entrepreneur is that everyone has advice for you. From your family, to your friends, other entrepreneurs, and the countless consultants who tell you that their strategy is the best. So what do you do? 

First off, you need to understand the basics like the cost of goods you are selling, but you also need to learn what might not be so obvious.

You will need assets. But, have you discovered your hidden assets?  

You will need soft skills, but do you know how to turn these soft skills into hard cash? 

Let’s face it. As you grow your business, you’ll also have to inspire your employees. Are your people truly engaged and empowered, or are they just showing up for work and putting in their time?  

Do you know how to hire, orient, and train? Do you know how to compensate, incentivize, encourage, and acknowledge your people?  

How do you know what you don’t know, if you are just starting off? And how do you know what you need to know, when you have been in business but your growth has stalled? 

The reality is that starting, running, and scaling a business is not easy. 

In fact it is one of the most challenging things you can do… EVER! But if you are truly inspired and keep at it, you can prevail.  

Enter Michael and Bonnie, two unassuming individuals whose paths fortuitously met, and found themselves in a situation similar to one you may be facing right now.  

Staring opportunity square in the face.  

They started in their laundry room, and ended up building one of the fastest growing wine brands in the United States and selling to the world’s largest wine company.  

Then they worked as consultants to their acquirer and now the brand they built is the world’s largest wine brand.  

In fact, there is a good chance you have tasted the wine brand they started.  

But how did they do it?  

They share all in their New York Times bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand. If you have heard one business book, you have heard them all.  

But you have never heard a book like Michael and Bonnie wrote.  

Think of the business books that you have listened to, written in a prescriptive manner, delivered in the first person, vocalized in a somewhat patronizing tone, with endless lists droned by a single narrator in your ear. There's the five things to always do, the four things to never do, and the three things your customer wants from you...


Does it seem like these types of authors are using a foreign language? 

Does it seem like the authors are speaking over your head?  

Is it hard to identify with the authors themselves?  

Does it seem like they’re starting from a place you've never gotten to?  

Have you bought business books like this but never got past chapter two in any of them?  

You are not alone.  

Michael and Bonnie feel that business books don’t teach business. They preach business processes.  

Michael and Bonnie are disruptors.  

They disrupted the wine industry, and now they are disrupting the business book market.  


By creating a new type of learning experience.  

A dramatically acted, real-life, American success story. Their success story.  

Instead of having a business book read to you that will put you to sleep, imagine enjoying an audio theatrical performance where professional actors play the parts of the characters in each scene.  

Imagine, short story after short story that are all held together by a golden thread that delivers the message loud and clear. 

That is exactly what they've done!

Immerse yourself in the true stories of the courageous couple who started with no money and no knowledge of their industry.  

Discover the lessons they learned as they tackle the same kind of challenges that you face as you start and grow your own business, and that you will face as you scale.  

Learn from stories instead of bullet points.  

Be entertained by actors instead of lectured to by a narrator.

Identify with the protagonists, agonize over their setbacks and celebrate their victories.

The Barefoot Spirit audiobook is a new form of dramatic experiencial learning which will give you the spirit necessary and the tools you need to achieve your goals no matter what the challenges!  

Grab your spot in line to get this revolutionary new audiobook as soon as it is released.  

There is a reason that their story continues to resonate for entrepreneurs of all ages and all levels.  

Audiobook Snippets 

 “This is a warm, wonderful, inspiring book that entertains and motivates at the same time.”  

-Brian Tracy, Author of The Power of Self-Confidence 

 "Great read, great book. This story is beyond wine and the love of wine, it's about starting a business." -Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback, Entrepreneur, Sirius XM Radio Host of The Fran Tarkenton Show  

"It's an inspiration to see how they broke all the rules and still succeeded against all odds. For anyone contemplating starting a business, there are lessons to be learned here and an entertaining story as a bonus."  

--Alan Caruba, National Book Critics Circle

"One of the best books on entrepreneurship I’ve read.”  

--Kip Marlow, Entrepreneur, & Host of Entrepreneurs Club Radio  

"I will make it required reading because it tells a lovely story and it embodies so much of the entrepreneurial mindset. I loved the 'voice' of the book and storytelling is such a wonderful way to communicate. Learn the most important lessons of entrepreneurship!"  

--Rebecca J. White, Professor, Director of Entrepreneurship, University of Tampa; President, U.S. Assoc. Small Business and Entrepreneurship  

“Fun beach reading for small business inspiration. The Barefoot Spirit is an entertaining rags-to-riches story of American entrepreneurship. It’s the first-hand tale of California rule breakers Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, the founders, of the country’s top-selling wine brand” 

--Adrienne Burke, Yahoo! Small Business  

The Barefoot Spirit is a guidebook for anyone in business and a great read for everyone who loves a rags-to-riches story. Filled with many eye-openers, including: 

  • How Michael and Bonnie used worthy cause marketing to build a best selling brand 
  • Why they never spent a dime on traditional advertising 
  • The surprising advantages of being small and broke 
  • How creating a fun, yet hardworking culture kicks productivity into high gear  
  • How handling mistakes the right way saves and nurtures essential business relationships 
  • Why attitude and determination beats knowledge and experience